About Us

  The Zuni Native American Indian reservation is located 32 miles southwest of Gallup, N.M. They have been known for making Needlepoint (tiny needle shaped stones), Pettipoint (tiny round, oval or square stones) and Turquoise Inlaid Jewelry for since the early 20th century. The Zuni Inlay Jewelry, Zuni Needle Point Jewelry, Zuni Petti Point Jewelry being made today is some of the most popular southwestern silver jewelry.

  All the art on this website is Handmade by local Native American artists in the New Mexico area.

  At the Native Jewlery gallery we specialize in collecting unique pieces from the Zuni Tribe Near Gallop, presenting the finest collection of Turqouise and silver handmade by local Zuni Artists. 

  Our Mission is to preserve the quality of turquoise and authenticity of Native American art and culture. When shopping on HandmadeNativeAmericanJewlery.com, you are buying quality authentic jewelry and art and also supporting the future of Native American art and culture.